Local Seeds and Grains Feasibility Study

Local Seeds and Grains Feasibility Study

MCCD has been conducting a feasibility study based on the local seed and grain market. Thanks to a grant from Northeast SARE, we have been working with farmers, extension specialists, and the Merrimack County Farm to look at the feasibility of producing cover crop seeds on municipal lands to provide a local source for our farmers. Because a number of cover crop seeds are also grains that are grown for human consumption, we are exploring the possibility of establishing shared-use equipment in order to support the growing local grains market in NH. Want to get involved? Email info@merrimackccd.org or take one of the surveys below to contribute!

Do you love local food?

We want to hear from you! As we work with farmers to develop this upcoming market, we want to be sure we know what consumers want to eat. If it were available, would you buy local flour, cornmeal, or oats? Let us know by taking this brief survey! The results will help us decide what crops to focus on and how to meet the demand.

Do you grow seeds and grains or want to get started?

This short survey is being sent out to gauge farmer interest in producing local seeds and grains and find out what support would be needed to do so. The information gathered from this survey will help to guide MCCD on future projects, services, and rental equipment purchases. We look forward to hearing from you!

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