NH Gleans is a statewide network of organizations working to improve the accessibility of fresh and local produce for food-insecure individuals and families.

Gleaning is the act of harvesting or collecting excess food from farms, farmers’ markets and gardens.

MCCD’s Gleaning Coordinator and volunteers harvest and deliver the produce to local charitable organizations. We establish connections with food pantries, soup kitchens, homeless shelters, and schools throughout Merrimack County to ensure that food insecure residents of all ages have easier access to fresh, nutrient-dense food options. MCCD is committed to reinforcing the importance of a healthy diet, fostering “locavorism” across all socio-economic lines.

* If interested in volunteering with either program, please contact MCCD at (603) 223-6020 or

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2020 Donors: Blakeney’s Fine Baked GoodsBlue Moon Berry FarmBrookford FarmCarter Hill OrchardGiovagnoli Egg FarmGood Enough FarmGrounding Stone FarmHackleboro OrchardsHop N Hen Farm • Ken Marshall Community Garden • LaValley FarmsMuster Field FarmNalla FarmNight FarmOff A Bit FarmPete and Gerry’s EggsPustizzi Fruit FarmShaker Organic GardenSpring Ledge FarmSweet Beet MarketWarner River ProduceWebster Ridge Farm • Windswept Farm • Work Song Farm

2019 Donors: Picnic Rock Farm  •  Muster Field Farm  •  Windswept Maples  •  Windswept Farm  •  Hackleboro Orchards  •  Carter Hill Orchard  •  McKenna Correctional Facility Teaching Garden  •  Spring Ledge Farm  •  Pearl and Sons  •  Penacook Community Center  •  Franklin Parks and Recreation Garden  •  Gould Hill Farm  •  Giovagnoli Egg Farm

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