Conservation Education Rentals

Conservation Education Rentals

We offer the following educational materials/activities. These resources can be picked up in our office or we can come to your school to help set up or lead the activity. There is no fee for use of any of these activities.

The Incredible Journey

An activity designed for elementary aged children with the capability of being adapted for older students, “The Incredible Journey” uses hands-on learning to teach children about the water cycle by having different stations representing different stops in the water cycle (ex: glacier, clouds, lake, soil, etc.). Students roll a giant dice which tells them where the water cycle will take them. Each time the student comes to a station, she/he places a bead on a string to eventually make a bracelet or key-chain to represent the journey.

This activity can be found in the book Project Wet: Curriculum and Activity Guide 2.0.  The activity takes about 15 minutes to set up and usually lasts about 20-30 minutes. Follow up discussion is advised which can take as much time as needed.  MCCD supplies all parts of the activity as well as the beads and string needed. Please call or email the office to rent this activity.

Soil Tent

The Soil Tent is an actual tent that displays the different layers of soil when set up.  Each side of the tent represents a different kind of soil including soil from a forest, farmland, and NH’s state soil – the “Marlow.” We also have 4 posters to accompany the tent which are best used before the students enter the tent. A “cheat sheet” is also available to use for the activity if the presenter is unfamiliar with soils.

It is best to use outdoors or in a gymnasium as it may take up too much room in your classroom (The tent is 10′ x 10′). It can accommodate roughly 3 adults and 15 elementary school age children, however the activity is appropriate for students K-12+. Please call or email the office to rent this activity.


The EnviroScape is an interactive model which can be used for all age levels to learn about non-point water pollution. The activity involves the use of different food substances (we provide) like hot chocolate and Kool-Aid mix, ice cream sprinkles, salt and pepper, vanilla extract, etc. Water is sprayed on the 3-D landscape model to show how and where water run off occurs and how detrimental it is to the environment.

There is no rental fee for this activity, however there is a 2 week maximum rental time. We will also include its companion curriculum the Environmental Resource Guide: Nonpoint Source Pollution Prevention which includes grade specific activities. For your convenience, MCCDhas correlated all of the activities to the NH State Standards. To rent the EnviroScape, please CLICK HERE for the the rental form. Complete and either scan and email or mail it back to us and we will get in touch with you.

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